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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Motivational Monday

There are a lot of metaphors that pertain to trading in this video.
The climb is a .13A or, in other words, sick! Lynn Hill is better known for being the first person (not the first woman, the first person) to make the first free ascent of the Nose of El Cap. Only later to become the first to free climb the entire route within 24 hours (normally takes about 3 days). Climb on!


Bluedog said...

5.13a is pretty serious. Hardest climb I did was a 5.12b (on lead) and it required some sick spiderman moves.

I haven't climbed Yosemite but I did climb Devil's Tower 8x. Didn't see any aliens, though (Close Encounters of the Third Kind). But now, my climbing days are over in lieu of surfing. ;)


todd said...

excellent! .12b lead can be pretty intense (sport or Trad?). I've never done any big wall climbing in Yosemite, just played around on the smaller slabs in Tuolumne meadows. I love going climbing/bouldering in joshua tree down in your neck of the woods. Alas, I don't climb much any more :-( I've always loved the idea of surfing (can watch surf videos all day long). But I'm not a good swimmer, though my balance is pretty good, so I should give it a go one of these days. Maybe whenever I make a trip to hawaii. Water here is too cold for me!