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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just tried to short USO at $86.50 (I'm still holding USO long in my swing account). Order Rejected under terms of Reg SHO Threshold Security. How gay is that! I guess I could have went long DUG.


David L. Spurr said...

That's a scary thought....Maybe it's an opportunity to go long ?

todd said...

"go long" what? I am currently long USO at $75.27. I wanted to short as a day trade. Oh well, we have to factor in the potential for a trade not going through if it's on the short side.

todd said...

What I meant to ask was; it's an opportunity to go long what? Oil? The broad markets?

Trader M.D. said...

You could have went long DTO.

todd said...

Trader M.D.
Good to hear from you! I'll have to keep DTO in my side pocket for future reference. It's a little thin on the liquidity side, and the spread can be a little wide, but it's better than nothing.