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Thursday, October 16, 2008

can it hold?

We possibly double-bottomed today (short-term) on QLD (along with a lot of other issues) on a higher momentum swing low (not shown). Seemed like selling was weak and buying felt hesitant. Can we hold these lows?? Options expiration tomorrow, not sure what to expect there.
QLD spent a little time testing new lows today. Watching the 30-min. chart we had a steep trend-line that formed over the past two days (similar to the trend-line broken on Monday). Looking at the 15-minute chart we could see the new lows on decreasing volume, while the trend-line break took place with stronger volume. The retracement/test of the trend-line after the break out also took place on weakening volume. The lows and close of the previous day were tested and held as support. Notice also the wedge that formed along the trendline.Take a look at the 5-minute for a little clearer perspective on the "V"-bottom, support/resistance levels and volume trends.


Orange Trader said...

Hey there. I like your posts! I'll add you to my trader list. Check out my blog if you ever want to see any currency activity.

todd said...

thanks orange!
I've been wanting to get involved with forex, but haven't gotten around to reading the books on my shelf pertaining to them :)
Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I welcome input, insight, and a friendly environment. cheers!