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Friday, October 10, 2008


Some things I learned from DinosaurTrader today:
Yesterday (Thursday) DT wrote;
"over the next couple of days, I'll be thinking hard about what I'm going to buy once I see that first BIG green VOLUME bar come into the e-minis on the upside. That's your tell... when you see that gigantic volume come in... don't trust any rally before you see that volume."
He was right on with this statement come Friday's session.
Today he wrote:
"I won't say it was a "rollercoaster ride," because that implies it was fun. It was sick, and it was historic. If you traded today, you can say that you traded the single most volatile day ever recorded in stock market history. The high on the VIX was 76.94."
I can tell you, when that S&P Emini green bar on big volume came down the pike and the vix dropped like a stone, I felt just as though I was coming down from that big drop on a roller coaster. I was down and in the red, but at least recouping some of the day's losses with conviction that I should let the trade run to the day's highs.
Simple, but never understated; Volume (Momentum) Precedes Price!

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Thanks for reading, glad I actually helped someone.

Did you get it today? When that trend broke? Same deal...