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Friday, October 10, 2008


I got spanked hard today in the early A.M. rally. I deserved it though I suppose. Made a little back at the end of the day. Still negative on the week and emotionally drained.
Took home DDM, bought at $29.40. I feel good about this position at least. Today's daily chart looks like a near perfect capitulation move on huge volume, so I'm hoping for some follow-through that will take be back into black next week.
The rest of my afternoon will be spent thinking about what to drink. None of this beer stuff, I need a stiff one (that's what she said).

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Stewie said...

i todd. i am very sorry to hear about your day. we all get them from time to time and it really sucks when it happens. One thing i know tho, is that you will come back from this loss. just use the weekend to relax.

peace bro.