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Monday, December 15, 2008

water + laptop

Well, yesterday I knocked over my water (at least it wasn't coffee) and it spilled over my laptop keyboard. Basically, my laptop is my life and it also allows me to trade (that along with a separate 20" screen). When the water spilled onto the keyboard the screen instantly went to this black and white crosshatch looking image. I shut it down, turned it upside down and ran to get the vacuum. I vacuumed across the keyboard as thoroughly as I could, and pulled the battery out. I basically left it alone for 24-hours (which is why I didn't do any trading of market watching today). I let it sit in front of the heater (not directly in front of it, just where it could catch a steady stream of warm air) all day and night.
Long story short, it's (thankfully) back up and running like nothing ever happened. It's funny because I'm always telling my wife to keep all liquids away from my laptop, and what do I go and do? It figures! I'm amazed that these things could put up with water like this though. It's not like I took a garden hose to it, but still it was enough to short the system.
This should certainly be a lesson in the importance of redundancy for your set-up.

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