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Monday, January 12, 2009

let the year begin!

After a bout with a cold, I'm now able to pay closer attention to the markets this week. It looks to be a good time to be coming back in to the markets too. The counter-trend/consolidation activity seems to be turning over (more downside coming?). The inverse ETF's look like they're coming back to life as well.
I bought SRS at the second test of the opening range break ($62.90 @ 12.50p.m.) nice move! Covered at a 100% extension (obtained from measuring the opening range high/low Fib. extension, $66.50).The short-term trend in the Q's is down (using the 20- & 50-EMA positions on the 15-min. chart as a guide). So my playbook tells me to short the rallies (of which we had none in today's trend day down today, leave it to the last 10-minutes to have a snap-back). Basically, looking at the 5-min chart, price hesitated around S1 before continuing down to S2 where it remained to chop around before snapping back to vwap late in the day.
Here's a long trade in QID today early on. There was a little cup w. handle pattern, so the long position was entered on a break of the cup and a measured move target was quick and clean.The U.S. Dollar Index strengthened today to get back above it's 50-EMA, as a result everything was beaten down today; gold, oil, stocks, etc.

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