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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the cost of living in Ca.

Is it worth living here? I'm beginning to weigh the pros and cons.
Does raising taxes really generate the projected state/local revenues, or do people just spend less?
Anyway, my local sales tax is being increased to 8.75%!
"The sales tax is expected to bring in an estimated $5.8-billion..."
Are these expectations based on current spending trends, or do they also take into consideration a likely decrease in overall consumer spending?
In all, Governor and lawmakers agreed to $12.5-billion in tax increases in an attempt to decrease the $42-billion deficit.
On top of a higher sales tax, California will impose a 0.25% increase in personal income tax rates in '09 & '10, AND a 0.5% increase in fees to license vehicles .
Also, there will be a tax increase which will reduce the "dependent care credit parents and caregivers can claim to $99 from $309."
"Governor Schwarzenegger abhors taxes. Always has, always will," said his finance spokesman.

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