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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fed day

I'm not sure what to think if the recent Fed decision to buy Treasuries and prop up the markets. Things were pretty quiet most of the day, as is par for the course on a Fed day. While, of course, things exploded after 2:15.
Price chopped around vwap in the early morning. We had two instances of the "First Cross" setup in the SPY 5-minute chart today. One short, which you might have bailed on, broken even, or stopped out on. The success of the long entry might would have been dependent upon where you put your stop (it could have been pretty wide), but it would have been very profitable had you had the cajones to hold through the Fed speak.Price is back into our channel on the 15-min chart that was created at the beginning of this bull run.
Where do we go from here? From a technical perspective it looks like we need to test/fill the gap left from Feb.17th (between $80.60-$82.35).SPY closed right above the 50-EMA, first time since the beginning of the year.
Meanwhile, here's the immediate effect of today's decision by the Fed.
Back into Gold and Treasuries
GLDTLTU.S.Dollar Index doomed?

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