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Friday, March 13, 2009

score 1 for the bulls

The weekly S&P500 left us with a bullish engulfing candle (if we don't consider the shadow of the previous candle, which isn't a necessary requirement). While the Daily chart ended the week with a hanging man type candle, though it would have been a stronger signal/suggestion had it been a red candle.
Meanwhile the daily SPY chart leaves us with a bearish long-legged doji, giving us a feeling of bearish leaning indecision.The trend continued to drift up today; we had a slip below the 20-EMA on the 15-min SPY, and I was looking for a tag of the 50-EMA, but didn't get the seller participation (such a beautiful trend along the regression channel).Looks really strong to close the week above $75.50
The highs of the morning couldn't find much demand. We chopped down through previous support levels before coming to a "W"-bottom that coincided with a rounded bottom pattern on my momentum indicator.

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