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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reclaiming the 50-EMA

Quite a vicious day today; a strong rally after the gap-down, a sell-off after a test of the highs, and a rally back to close on the highs.
Something I recognized in hindsight today was a "Slingshot" setup taking place on the 15-min SPY chart. Based on the gap down this morning and a swing low from Monday's session we got a higher low in price but a lower low in momentum. Or, if you go by the opening momentum today compared to the opening momentum on Monday you got a bullish momentum divergence (higher low in the macd). So, what that tells us is a stronger momentum push is unable to bring price below the previous swing. Or, the steeper price drop was on weaker momentum which was unable to sustain those lows. All of which equates to a "Slingshot" in price.Here's a look at the same structure but including 24-hours of price activity (pre- and post-market). As an aside, the first chart of the 15-min SPY there were two "First Cross" triggers today. The first was a short (red vertical line) that didn't work out, but the fact that it was a bullish flag sitting on top of 20- & 50-EMA support, wasn't much of a consideration.
The second, (green vertical line long) was triggered after a WR7 that was followed by an nr7 (that was followed by a "Holy Grail trade!) The top of this move displayed a bearish momentum divergence, giving you reason to get out of the trade if you were still long.
At the end of the day our 15-min chart shows us that price closed above a WR7 bar within 2 bars, something which will lead me to look for follow-through on the long side tomorrow.
Checking out the 5-min chart we got one "First Cross" long entry following this morning's bull flag (if you weren't already in it). The Daily SPY chart on the close today gave us a "First Cross" long entry. We'll see if it performs as good on the daily chart as it has been for the 5-min timeframe.

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