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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A list

{Updated} I will attempt to keep this list updated on a weekly basis. So it will not always have the same stocks within it, just those meeting the criteria enlisted below. Click on the spreadsheet image to go there.I created a list of stocks to refer to that are good candidates for daytrading. What's a good candidate for daytrading you might wonder?
Well, for one, liquidity. Therefore it includes issues with a 30-day average volume of 1-million shares or greater. I'm by no means re-inventing the wheel here! Just wanted a quick list of daytrade candidates within all industries/sectors.
Share price greater than $14.
A daily range greater than two, which makes for playable movement within the day. Also included is a column for "Share bar" settings which you could just round up or down to zeros or round to the nearest Fibonacci sequence if that tickles your fancy (for instance; instead of using 32,ooo-share bars, you could use 28,657-share bars).
It's broken down by Industry and Sector for greater ease of selection. You can go a step further and discard the stocks that have a wide bid/ask spread and whatever other criteria you like to incorporate.
You can also scan through these and pull out any that look overly volatile (lots of wicky candles, price gaps, back-and-forth choppy sideways behavior, etc.) on an intra-day basis. I was going to delete Sheet 3, but kept in there; it is not based on the above criteria so by all means ignore it.

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