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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shooting fish in a barrel

There come times in the market when things line up in such a way that taking a position is like shooting fish in a barrel. It's a confluence of factors where, in this case, many positions take profits off the table after the markets confirm a correction is in the works. In such an event, as the markets begin to set up for a breakdown you hop on to your favorite issues (the same one's you've been watching/playing on the way up, as these you should be most familiar with levels of previous support/resistance) and ride them for all their worth.
Going into today, I thought we might have some upside follow-through in the dollar, while also looking to short TLT (actually I was looking to go long TBT), but I was wrong on both counts. Not only did the markets trade in the same direction as the dollar, but Treasury yields also came down. TLT to the upside was in play after the 90-min mark (base and break).As the markets came out of their range we had some extended downside, and the profit-taking ensued. My go-to issue? FCX.
FCX became a nice short at the lows of the day, target of $52.75 based on previous S/R
SPY showed intra-day support that lined up with the previous day's close (PDC). Once we came back to that level strategy dictates looking for a scalp short (target being a test of the previous day's low). A little flag set up in the $92.60 range ($0.20 below entry) so holding the scalp short was certainly a consideration.When all was said and done, we have essentially exchanged one range for another, and find ourselves slightly above previous resistance.Will the SPY narrowly avoid the Golden Cross?

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