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Thursday, January 28, 2010

solar flags

In a previous post I mentioned FSLR as it was approaching a level of long-running support. Here's a look at the weekly:This week in FSLR has essentially been range-bound and looks to be setting up a bear flag (though the past two candles have been hammer's with very similar open and closing prices):
The $111 range has been bought swiftly 3 times this week, so if it's tested again we should look to gauge strength or weakness in the momentum/pace behind any ensuing bounce. Price above $116 (above the "W-bottom" apex) and we could look for a test of $118-$120.
Similarly, there's TSL. This stock has seen an amazing rally of around 1100% from the Dec.'08 lows (is that math right!?). Anyway, from it's highs back in July '07 TSL retraced 78.6% of it's losses in 1-year's time.
Immediately below current price levels is the 38.2% retracement off of the '08 lows to '10 highs.
The daily chart looks to be forming a bear flag, in which case if price breaks down from here there's a confluence of Fibonacci support (Fibonacci retracement from low to high and Fibonacci extension from high-low-high of the flag pattern) at the 50% ($17) and 61.8% ($13.50) levels.Price seemed to have based upward all week along the lower edge of this bear flag, watch for a break down out of $22.Similar patterns are also occurring in STP, and if you're into the penny stocks, ESLR.

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