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Thursday, March 4, 2010


The Russell was leading the day today in terms of Up/Down Volume (lower right panel). Stayed above zero and trended up most of the day.


Tony said...

What's you opinion? Is this indicative of a melt-up? or strong index movement?

In the past, you lookeda tWolfe waves, and I'm seeing good Wolfe waves on SPY and other sectors.

Wondering if you still look at Wolfe waves, or just on shorter time frames. Thanks for the good info.

todd said...

Hi Tony,
Price is as Price does (to borrow a character reference from your blog's namesake :)
We either trade with the strength or get steamrolled.
I like Wolfe Waves, and prefer them on a higher time frame, but I can say I haven't really been seeking them out these days.