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Thursday, April 22, 2010

even little dips get bought

While it seemed like a correction was in the works for today, yet another dip was ferociously bought. As if, after having missed the 42% run-up (in the SPY, 60% in the Q's, and 52% in IWM) every little dip is being bought in fear that "they" will miss out.It felt as though a mild correction was blowing in, as profit-taking here seemed rational, but once overhead stops were hit and the gap started getting filled, further upside probability outweighed that of down-side.
As negative as the morning looked, the TICK wasn't all THAT bearish. When it came time to test the lows, though TICK registered lower, price put in a higher low (reverse divergence).As price began to crater after returning to the opening range, volume surged on vwap (shenanigans!).
We then formed an ascending triangle and broke out on what was likely a combination of stops being hit and new longs entering.The Fib. retracements on the above chart are snapped off of a seed wave.

Meanwhile, here are some charts using the Andrews Median line. First the SPY 60-min showing some precise boundaries between price and the median lines:Next, the Q's. Notice that price has in the past enjoyed time spent between the upper median line and a 25% warning line (on average about 10-days).

And, in summary, there's this ridiculous chart. 8% and counting:

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