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Friday, November 26, 2010

setting up

GLD - Head & Shoulders is going through the motions and looking weak

FCX - Head & Shoulders pattern

SPY- this funky triangle will likely resolve itself next weak.  It can even be argued that this is a Head & Shoulders pattern with a week left shoulder.

AAPL - Head & Shoulders pattern.  Price has tested the $300 mark 3-times already on successively waning momentum

When you start seeing a lot of issues with the same pattern (Head & Shoulders tops in this case) it should be raising some cautionary flags. 

With the $Dollar pushing through resistance, next week should make for some interesting developments


Anonymous said...

wutelse do you know besides h & ss??? wut if it shots up from here then you are gonna change yur story like others do as usual? head and shoulders..huh? bounch of non-headed...keep saying head and shoulders....probably got no shoulders...either, in the real life.

todd said...

"Wutelse do you know...?"
Read the rest of the blog.

If it "shots up from here" then it's not a H&S now is it?

Perhaps you're assuming that I have entered a trade in anticipation of this H&S pattern that exists. In which case you have brilliantly revealed yourself as being a n00b that doesn't quite understand trading.

If it's not a H&S pattern and price moves higher, then what will you do? If it is a H&S pattern that breaks down, retraces and completes a measured move, then what will you do?