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Saturday, December 11, 2010

TICK this week

Was dusting off an indicator that I stopped using for some unknown reason and was just looking over the past few week's performance in pairing it with the SPY.  The indicator (found hear) brilliantly cleans up an otherwise noisy, and distracting, NYSE TICK. 
Over the course of the past month what do we see?  Surprise, surprise!  Participation on the sell side with seemingly very little extreme upside TICKS.
 Perhaps all the juice needed came on the 29th of November (extreme +TICK in ellipse).

It's all very simple in hindsight.  The most recent lows (Nov. 16th)  were made on an extreme TICK followed by a divergence.  Since that point the lows (in price or the TICK) didn't go any lower.

The following are just a series of charts with some TICK/Price divergences.  It's likely I may have missed some, but I'm putting these up simply because they are helpful to study.

The charts which follow overlap in date from the ones above, but I wanted to show some in a little closer detail.  Also, I added a Fib. retracement based off of the first half of the day's High-to-Low range.  When it comes time to positioning oneself for the close of a market, it could be as simple as realizing whether you're trading in the top or bottom 50% of the day's range.

There's a glaring "hidden" divergence in the chart below that is not illustrated, telling you that though TICK has made an overly dramatic lower low, price made a higher low, leading to a buying opportunity.

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hypr said...

“Tick. Tick. Tick. That’s the Sound of Your Life Running Out.”