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Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly Bars

Interesting close to the week.  Only two weeks left in the year, think they can hold it up for that long or are we due for a correction?  Things certainly look to be getting heavy on the upside.

All weekly charts are showing bearish candle patterns.

The SPY showing a key reversal bar (though it is lacking in range); Higher Open, higher high, closing down and below the previous candle's close:

DIA - printed a shooting star

QQQQ - Hanging man with a high 33-cents shy of the '07 highs

SMH - hanging man type candle with a lower low, lower high, higher open with a lower close than the previous close.  The real body actually engulfs the previous candle's real body:

IYT - Transports putting in a key reversal bar, with a real body which engulfs that of the previous bar:

Meanwhile, the VIX tested a low not seen since April '10.  A good time to fade the move into support?

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