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Friday, March 18, 2011

Going Forward

  I have been mentally masticating this post for quite some time.  Essentially, what direction to take this blog-O-mine (do I even want to continue keeping a blog at all?).  I think it's safe to say that my lack of posts have thinned out my readership in such a way that I can practically consider this my own private blog now anyway.  So, I'll just play it by ear.
  What I have decided was to just post whatever the heck I want to post.  I don't know why, but I began to think I needed to live up to expectations on this blog (a self-induced guilt?).  I'm not getting paid to keep this blog, people aren't paying me to perform a service on this blog, so I'll just make it what I make it and if people don't appreciate then they won't bother reading it, which is just fine with me.
  I'll admit, until recently I never truly felt that I had a stable approach to my trading.  Rather, I would leapfrog from strategy to strategy, from setup to setup, and mostly play it by ear, deceiving myself that I had a stable approach.  There's nothing necessarily wrong with that (so long as you're not losing too much money) in the sense that it's a process most people go through before they find their particular fit.  I have spent a long, difficult time ironing out my approach to trading and am actually beginning to feel a sense of comfort settling over me.   All traders should have a detailed business plan outlining how they intend to trade, however, it takes time and a lot of trial and error before this playbook is actually reflective of the individual's personality.   I entertained the idea of sharing my entire plan/trading outline, but everyone needs to create their own reality within the trading matrix.  I may write briefly about the setup I took, but I'll probably just post charts of trades taken. 
So, what I envision from this point on is to just follow my plan and document it on this blog in the process.  I'll put up some charts over the weekend to start things off.


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