The setups I include on this blog are used in conjunction with the 3/10macd and the criteria I ascribe to it as a way to alert me to an existing condition of price. The key concept to take away from this blog is that I try to anticipate what will happen on the higher time frame by using a faster time frame to trigger the trade setup. I do not trade a "system" I use two indicators to clue me in to price conditions. Please read the Disclaimer located in the sidebar of this site. I can be contacted via email at
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

setups today

A lot of opportunity today, but I only benefited slightly.

RVBD had a 3d setup going into the previous day's close, so I was looking for a potential dip buy on the open.  I got chopped up on the first entry for a small gain, better results on the 2nd & 3rd trades, but why I didn't just hold on from the 1st or 2nd entry I don't know

LVS long, again based on the 3d criteria.  I actually had two trades here, one later in the day not marked that I got from 38.80 to 39.

CAT long, again, two trades.  I don't know why I couldn't just hold it, but I keep tight stops, so things like the end of the day here on CAT don't catch me off guard.

Adding an example of the opposite of the 3d setup, which is the 2b short setup.  LVS showed good examples of them both these past two days.  As an aside, it's important that the slow line shows a smooth trend and is approaching the zero line.

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