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Monday, April 11, 2011


Exited a short trade in CVX this afternoon, while getting lunch, rather than just keeping my stop in place.  Entered later on 4c pullack criteria for 50-cents:

The SPY demonstrated the same setup.  All I'm using the 3/10 macd for is to help me pick out price behavior; in this case a bear flag after downward momentum.

Below is a 3d setup (triggered end of day Friday) I was looking for this morning, but didn't enter.  I've mentioned before that the 3d criteria personifies a short-squeeze reaction.  This chart is a good example as price opened near resistance, filled the gap and moved beyond the sensible stop placement resistance level and continuing up to the breakdown point of the previous day:

I went long VLO on the 3d entry today (chart below) but it turned into a scratch trade.  Notice the resistance level price needed to break to induce a squeeze reaction (blue horizontal line on the 15-min chart).  Price failed to hold above the Open let alone get beyond the likely short entry stops.  When 3d setups fail it's usually a good idea to turn the other way and go short!

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