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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2b entry

Since I've been posting nothing but 3d setups seemingly, how about the reverse of the 3d?  The 2b short setup.
Note: The arrow on the 15-min chart below shows the fast line ticking down only after that long range red bar closes.  Anticipation of this setup is why I laid out the 3/10 criteria to begin with; so you can anticipate this setup before it triggers on the higher time frame and take action on the faster time frame.  The only two realistic probabilites for the 3/10 are for he fast line to continue higher (2a) or lower (2b), and being that momentum is waning the 2b criteria begins to present a favorable risk:reward setup.   

Later in the day AGU set up a nice long trade off of support with a number of bullish markers going for it; hammer candle at the IB-low, on a buy divergence, followed by a seed wave.

I'm starting to think that when I see a seed wave my entry should be the 50% retracement with a stop near the lows.  It would have been the difference of 15-cents in this case.

OXY was a trade that just looked good basing at its highs.  Volume was strong and I especially liked the little shake-out candle prior to the breakout.

The initial breakout had a steep retracement and I should have drawn support/resistance levels before getting in as I would have seen the following resistance band:

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