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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

gap up trend day

Gap up above resistance trend day.  Recent downside (test of support) momentum has been non-existent.  In the chart below it's helpful to notice the cup with handle pattern the 3/10macd forms over the past couple days where we test support.  Especially when we make a lower low and form that inverse H & S price bar pattern.

After the first half-hour we had momentum bringing us just under a previous gap zone.  The break of this bar is a move into the gap-zone (filling longer-term short covering orders) where the next resistance level is the close of the pre-gap day:

While the opening momentum extended to the 200% projection (PDC to tOpen)

The most helpful the 3/10 macd can be on days such as these, I find, is on the faster time frame (higher time frame will just point to the obvious (trend day), where I'm just looking for bearish & bullish readings to give me a heads-up on the directional trade.
For instance, 2b &/or 2c short indications or 3a/1a or 1b to 1a long indications:

Oh yeah, and the SPY triggered a 3d long entry on the daily chart on Monday's close:

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