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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

missed it

Screwed up this 3d long entry on the SPY today.
The setup was more apparent on the 30-min time frame

I went long too early and didn't get back in when I should have :/
Should have gotten back in as indicated below, though it was difficult to chase a long in such a bearish market, especially without much of a pullback.  You never know when a move like this is going to happen.  The biggest disappointment was that I was actually anticipating a 3d setup for half the afternoon, then only to screw it up in the end is incredibly frustrating.

Anyway, the SPY daily left us with what appears to be a bear trap on a bullish divergence.  7% higher and I wouldn't be surprised to see new highs by the end of December :/

Oh yeah, and the SPY weekly is possibly setting up this 3d criteria as well (looking for green fast line and/or a seed wave on the Daily as trigger to entry).

The ES ALMOST made a tweezer low today.  This could rally over 80-points and STILL be bearish.

The NQ still hasn't broken its low, has a similar 3d setup on the weekly (looks better actually) and can rally 130-points and STILL be bearish!

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