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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


A day for scalping.
Here are some snapshots which I found relevant throughout the day.
Charts arranged by S&P500 advance/decline differetial (left), the SPY (middle), and NYSE TICK (right)
First, about an hour into the day.  A/D pullback to zero on extreme TICK reading was a good fade.

 Next, a consolidation on the A/D line with a wedge in the SPY on TICK divergence.

The ensuing "rally"/squeeze  back to the A/D zero line coinciding with the previous SPY breakdown point.  Interestingly, a very large block trade at these prices and extreme TICK ended up foreshadowing a fading interest in higher prices.

Finally, later into the day price broke down and all extreme +TICK readings worked for a good fade (arrows down closely align with block trades, seen at the very bottom of the middle chart).

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