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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fri 1_13

Resilient bulls.
Going into the open, provided there is a decent amount of pre-market activity, I like to keep my charts/indicators loaded with that pre-market activity.   Here is what the SPY looked like going into the open; giving two short entries (4d-to-4c continuation; one before the market opened) and two long entries (based off of the 3d setup). Price is still running higher (last check was at $129.3).

Compare that to what it looks like without the pre-market

Just throwing in a chart of the SPY with breadth...A/D line was solidly bearish throughout the day, but it would seem shorts don't want to push their positions.

Higher time frame held, though downward momentum was quite strong.  Monday the markets are closed and Friday is Opex, should make it interesting (or really uneventful)

Some trades:
NFLX at the open this morning provided a continuation move (1b-to-1a)
entering on a faster time frame got you in a bit quicker, the 5-min trigger was late and extended
below the left-hand chart is a 2-minute
I also entered NFLX later in the day for a scratch

FAS was a quick trade that should have been held longer

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