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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tues 1_10

I'm really not good on days like today; the big gap up day (or down for that matter).  The momentum should tell you not to aggressively fade and what I would consider overhead resistance makes me hesitant to put on long entries.  Not to mention a momentum indicator is rendered useless (until later in the afternoon when it catches up to price).  What I end up doing to combat such a dilemma is use a "gap-less" indicator, one in which the gap is muted so that it doesn't exaggerate the move.  As I mentioned, the indicator does catch up to price later in the day, so I just use this indicator for the first 3-hours of the day.
So, in the chart below I've done two things;
1) I'm using a gap-less 3/10macd indicator
2) I'm using a 5-minute chart, however, the first 3/10macd has settings that reflect the 15-minute time frame, while the second 3/10macd has default settings for a 5-min chart (also the moving averages have settings to reflect a 15-minute time frame). 
So I have just combined two charts into one essentially.  The two down arrows reflect short entries (first exit was at $129 support while the second exit was $129.2 after the double bottom).  The up arrow was a long entry (half taken off at $129.3 other half for break-even).

and here is what it looks like using a regular 3/10macd.  The gapless indicator made it easier to see a more bearish tone to the price action.

All-in-all not a fun day to be messing with the broad indices.  However, there were issues that had a nice trend to them.

I missed the better entry in FSLR (first up arrow) but did get in before it broke higher (second up arrow)

NFLX illustrates a good example of when to take momentum divergences.  It has had a strong trend these past few days and pulled back into support on higher momentum.  Exits taken around $96 resistance zone.

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