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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wed. 2...something

Haven't been inspired to post anything lately.  So I guess I'll just post some charts.
An update of Copper.  Seems to be having trouble regaining that neckline, which corresponds with the 20-day MA

OIH weekly is coming up to an important resistance level.  A pullback and basing under $45.28 would be healthy, but you never know how exuberant things will get.

Crude recently achieved two targets; the 100% projection and 20% Fib. fan

The ES is mildly pulling back so far from the previous 2/16 momentum

and while it seems long in the tooth, the trend remains intact for now

Finally, the QQQ;  The weekly has registered the highest momentum since 2001, and while large momentum readings can signal higher prices to come they can also signal impending pullbacks

This trend has not touched the 20-day MA all year and has an overly extreme slope

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