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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2b short setup

A good example of the 2b short setup today in BIDU.  Considering I racked up some losses in a long position late in the day yesterday it became evident that the failure to break out strongly above the $140 mark seemed to mean there was a lot of supply being unloaded.
The 2b short setup is where the 3/10macd is showing a positive slow line trending down and approaching zero with a fast line positive and moving down as well.  However, being that the predominant trend is typically bullish it is important to see weakness being confirmed; in this case, failed breakout of resistance, and a support level being taken out ($139.39 which also happened to be today's Open).  I like to see the 3/10macd slow line close to the zero line this way I am anticipating it crossing zero, which as I have said before often precedes a 20- & 50-Moving Average crossover.  It is also encouraging to see price inside "the window" which means that price is inside my 20- & 50-Moving Average, again anticipating a bearish cross of these two moving averages.
On the right side 5-minute chart below, the moving averages reflect the 15-minute 20- & 50-MA's.

A problem with this particular trade was the lack of wave structure to measure for targets/exits.  In which case you can take the closest thing you can see in the form of momentum and look to see if your Fib. projections line up with areas of support, as is the case below at the 100% & 200% projections

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