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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GOOG trades

I never really trade GOOG, but these past two days worked out for some trades.
First of all, Monday was a strong day for GOOG.  Yesterday price gaped down, but held a 50% retracement of the previous day.  For most of the morning price coiled within a narrow range before breaking out to fill the gap.  The original plan was for a trade only to the IB-high, but given the strength of the breakout the Fib. projection targets were in play.  This was close to a 3d long setup while the higher time frame was the 2d setup. (One entry and two exits).

Today, was a bit choppier for me.  There are a number of up/down arrows in the early session showing entries/stop-outs.  The first was a break-even trade, the second a stop-out of 85-cents/share.

Meanwhile, today's move fulfilled a 50% projection of Monday's momentum:

This was actually a great example of a 2d setup occurring on the higher time frame, therefore a swing trade.
Going back to the first week of March the Daily chart set up the 2d criteria while the faster time frame gave an entry around $609.  Today's price action came within $0.63 of hitting the 200% Fib. projection from the initial momentum wave occurring between March 6-12th and filled the gap left from January 9th.

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