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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thurs. 03_08

Two examples of higher time frame setups that I have had my eye on for the past 2-3 days.  First an explanation:
As a matter of personal preference I like to set up my two time frames so that my "trigger chart" is 3-times faster than the "setup chart".  Most of the chart examples shown on this blog for instance are of a 15-minute paired with a 5-minute chart.  Beyond a 15-minute chart (which contains 26 15-minute bars) I also like to use a 39-minute (10 39-minute bars per day), 65-minute (6-bars/day), and 130-minute (3-bars/day).  The way I trade I essentially use the faster time frame and it's 3/10-macd as a timing mechanism for entering the higher time frame setup.  So, with that said, here are two higher time frame setups I was stalking the past few days which set up today.

LNKD -  The daily was showing a 2c-2d setup which boils down to a trending issue that registers a momentum reverse divergence.  I then look for a 3d setup on the faster time frame, in this case the 130-minute chart on the right:

So the 130-min had the 3d criteria going into the close yesterday, but so did the 15-minute chart (left chart in the set below) so I was looking to buy a pullback in the 5-minute fast line which presented itself in the form of a pennant or ascending wedge breakout at around 9:30 

KSS - My attention was drawn to this issue based on the 3d criteria on the 65-min chart.  When I see a 3d setup I look for the level of resistance which I feel needs to be taken out for a follow-through move higher to occur.    A helpful way of identifying this resistance is by looking to the 3a criteria which preceded the 3d.  In the chart below the 3a criteria showed resistance to be at the $48.55 level (thick blue line).

So this 3d setup was triggered before the close yesterday but today came the $48.55 test which was taken out 20-minutes into the day.  The 50% and 100% projection targets weren't large winners, but the important lesson for me is to be consistent with familiar setups.

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