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Monday, September 24, 2012

SPY 9_24

SPY with TICK below..
Area of interest not highlighted includes around the 9:20am point, strong volume on a re-test of the o/s_high.
Worth noting;
 High TICK of the day at the o/n_high, followed by a negative TICK divergence.
 The midpoint acted as support with a second test showing a low TICK of the day on a higher low in price, followed by a lower low in price and higher low in TICK.
 Price tagged a 50% extension of the overnight range which coincided with a gap fill.

A key for the above chart to define the horizontal lines and dots.  For further explanation, see this link:  

Advancing/Declining issues trended up all day after starting off strongly bearish.  Worth noting how the gap fill corresponded with a touch of the zero line on the A/D.
Up/Down volume trended down most of the day with the exception of the mild squeeze mid-afternoon.
SPY 15-min & 5min with 3/10macd.  Drawn on the 15-min are two Fib projections; one based on the momentum gap down and pullback, which could have been considered a bear flag, however the selling was capped at the 50% projection.  The next projected from the low of the day to the initial swing high and down to the midpoint.  Price achieved the 100% projection which corresponded with the 50SMA, a gap fill, and the 50% projection of the o/n_range (as shown in the chart above).
The highlighted region on the 15min indicates the 3d criteria.  I took two entries in anticipation of this setup, one around noon and the other about an hour later.  The noon long entry I exited with a small loss.  

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