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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

just some charts

Still not back in the swing of things.
SPY continuing to fail between $144-144.50.  Highlighted on the 3/10macd for the daily is this pattern where the fast line and slow line are positive but still "bearish" in the sense that the fast line is < the slow line.  The faster time frame (65-min chart) highlighting the head and shoulder pattern forming on the 3/10 macd.

IWM daily showing a bearish engulfing (well, not quite, we closed ever so slightly above yesterday's low).
The daily 3/10macd showing a similar orientation as that as the SPY above, while the faster time frame turned red.  We would like to see some form of pullback higher in the fast line to trigger us into a short on a down tick of the fast line.

The QQQ has been divergent this entire time, and not instilling confidence.

The DIA bearish divergence at resistance still stands.  There's a 'trend' still intact unless it closes under the $130.25 area.

XLF- It did make a higher low than the November swing, but still a third overall lower high.  This too has a trend intact and dips will be enticing to buyers (faster time frame 3/10 macd not overly bearish at this point)

GLD - barely had any reaction to today's market currents.  Looks to be a bear flag in progress

and the last chart, just comparing the previous two years of these 'melt-ups' we've had

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