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Friday, February 15, 2013


I've been stalking AAPL on the long side for the most of the week.  While I've been stalking AAPL this week, I noticed how "easy" the short side has been.  "Easy" in the sense that resistance levels were sold without much re-testing, resistance levels held and prices went lower.  However, I was looking for long entries.  My premise being that the higher time frame was setting up a 3-push 3d crtieria setup, as seen in the chart below.
So, in the charts above;  The 65m chart (left) I was looking at the 3-push price pattern with the 3d criteria.  On the right is the past 3, 15m intraday sessions, with entry points I was watching (though one of which is not indicated, the 3rd up arrow on the 15m 3/10macd isn't indicated on the price chart; user error).  The 2 down arrows were potential short entries based on the 65m 3/10macd "failing" the 3d criteria setup (essentially price rolling over and not squeezing higher the way I was anticipating).

I've written throughout this blog about the 3d criteria setup.  I'm looking for a 3-push price pattern or something similar to an inverse Head & Shoulders.  The faster time frame entry is an "a" criteria (3a or 1a) on the 3/10macd.
I've also mentioned that if this setup "fails" there may exist opportunity to turn around and short the market.  This is where I "failed" by not taking the short side of this trade, even though I was witnessing signs of selling in the tape all week.

The chart below is the 15m/5m from Thursday where I was looking to buy into this higher time frame setup.  I took the first up-arrow entry on the 5m (other 2 were equally likely entries).  I exited with a gain.

 The chart below is the 15m/5m from today where I was looking to buy into this, still valid, higher time frame setup.

I entered long and exited with a small loss.  And then I failed.  I failed to take advantage of the short opportunities that presented themselves as well as failing to take advantage of the heavy selling I witnessed all week on the tape.   It is what it is.

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