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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mon 03_18

today's trade
A key for the above chart to define the horizontal lines and dots.  For further explanation, see this link:  

Indications of trade opportunity

A breakdown of where we are:

The Daily: gap down price pullbacks that show closes off of the lows (likely short covering as price has yet to scare out larger positions).  Coming into the 20-day MA which coincides with March 5th gap ($153.65 area).  3/10macd anticipation of 1b-1a (continuation of prevailing trend) or 2c (deeper pullback).

A slight timeframe faster, the 130min (3-bars per day) showing 2c and trading between the 20- & 50-period MA's.  Price needing to recover $155.50s, potential steeper pullback to $154?

65min: 3/10macd showing potential 3-push scenario, which can mean an inverse H&S or the potential for a lower low but on lighter momentum.

30-min showing a little clearer the inverse Head & Shoulder potential.  Also, the 3/10macd shows potential for the 3d criteria long setup (Using the 130min paired with the 30min you would have a 2c-2d criteria higher time frame with 3d criteria faster time frame which I treat as bullish.  Still, you would need the 30-min fast line to go green for an entry).
Also worth noting price trading under the 5- & 10-DAY moving averages (purple and black lines respectively).

Basically looking at $155.50 above to be bullish.  Further bearish behavior I'd be looking towards the $153.65 support while giving some credibility to potential double bottom support near today's lows.


Jay Jay said...

So did you make this trade?

todd Sohayda said...

traded in those areas.