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Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11

Been a while since posting.  The time invested isn't returning enough interest to really motivate me to continue on a regular basis.  I'll probably just throw some charts up here and there when I can.
Here's where we stand on the SPY.  Narrow daily ranges vaporizing higher.  We either break out further or return to test a previous pivot, that's how this game works.  Either we follow price breaks higher or we follow the ensuing pullback and look to buy the next 2c-2d criteria on the 3/10macd (65-min time frame)

Previous higher time frame 2c-2d setups (3d faster time frame entry trigger)
From June 28 (First shaded region on the left 65m chart)

From July 2/3

From July 10/11 - cute how price broke out after FOMC minutes, came back to sweep up the stops at the $164.70s pivot and then triggered long on the closing bar (at a cheaper price)


tigerjim said...

Sure it is discouraging when you don't get much feedback but rest assured there are some out here that appreciate your work and the time it takes.

tigerjim said...
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todd Sohayda said...

hey thanks tigerjim, much appreciated. Means a lot to me.


Jay Jay said...

Todd hang in there. I enjoy your blog. You are on my blog roll so I hope folks find you and click over. If you get a chance could you add me to your blog roll, as I feel the same as you sometimes that we post for no one. Thanks Jay.