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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

fast line

Just a comparison of three indexes Daily (below, left) with hourly (below, right).
Often when the slow line is sloping down (criteria '2') and the fast line is below it the move can be more muted/choppy.
 SPY - slow line sloping down and fast line bumping into it; the breakout (below, left and second to right up arrow) was successful, but the most recent one was more muted (note hourly below, right fast line < slow line as we consolidate, can still break higher and see a fast/slow line cross).

QQQ - Daily (below, left) the most recent up arrow saw the fast line clearing above the slow line

IWM - Daily (below, left) fast line is decidedly above slow line.  Most recent break out saw much more momentum than the SPY

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